Best Bets for the 2020 NFL Draft

Team to Draft Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa has been the favorite to be drafted before Justin Herbert all off-season. However, in early April there was a brief change of the odds that saw Herbert shift to the new odds on favorite. This happened because the Dolphins have been doing everything they can to hide their interests in Tua. Partly because they sit at no. 5 overall so they don’t want teams trading up to “steal” him at an earlier pick. Earlier this month, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper threw out a smoke-screen type comment for the Dolphins,

“The ‘tide has turned’ with regard to how the Dolphins view the quarterbacks in the draft and there is 'a lot of buzz' about Miami preferring Herbert to Tagovailoa.”

After this non-sense was uttered by Kiper, Vegas odds makers changed Herbert to the -125 favorite. This was a fishy move as Tua was still not far behind at +100 odds. Now it’s the day of the draft and the odds have overwhelmingly shifted in favor of Tua. He is now a -200 favorite over Herbert to be the 2nd quarterback drafted today. Our sources confirm that the Dolphins still prefer Tua over Herbert but -200 is just too much juice for us to lay. We have a sharper angle that offers a much better payout and is still a function of the Dolphin’s preference of Tua. As long as no one trades up to bypass the Dolphins, our analysts love the following prop bet currently being offered by Draft Kings:

Dolphins to Draft Tua Tagovailoa at -125 Odds

*$125 Bet Wins $100

What Round Will Jalen Hurts Be Drafted?

Jalen Hurts draft stock has continued to rise all offseason. Scouts agree that he had an impressive Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and pro day.

This has been reflected in the constant change in odds on where he will be drafted. Last week, Jalen’s odds on his potential draft round were as follows: 1st Round +1100, 2nd Round -110, & 3rd Round +110. Now we are on the day of the draft and his odds have improved to: 1st Round +750, 2nd Round -155, 3rd Round +125. The first and third round odds are enticing. Especially since ESPN senior analyst Jeff Wegwold has Hurts as the no. 32 overall prospect. The expert had this to say about Hurts,

“Hurts is QB3 of this draft…There is a vastly underrated awareness in his game and, in the right hands, he will be a starter.”

We aren’t taking the cheese on the +750 and +125 potential payouts. We believe Hurts is a lock to be drafted in the second round so we don't mind laying the extra juice here.

Hurts to Be Drafted in the 2nd Round at -155 odds

*$155 Bet Wins $100

Who Will Be the First Receiver Off the Board? Jeudy, Lamb, or Ruggs?

It’s tempting to take Ruggs at the +400 payout, especially since he ran the fastest 40-yard dash in the class at 4.25 seconds. But no one stacks up to CeeDee Lamb from Oklahoma. Not even Alabama’s star wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

For most of April, odds makers believed it was a toss-up between Lamb and Jeudy for the first receiver off the board. They both sat at +110 odds. But the scouts we have talked to don’t believe Jeudy is in the same class as Lamb.

They believe Jeudy doesn’t have an elite trait despite his complete skill set. While many scouts believe Lamb was the most explosive wide receiver in college football last year. To prove this, Bob McGinn of the Athletic polled 17 league executives about who they thought is better, Jeudy or Lamb. The results ranked Lamb over Jeudy as the best wide receiver in this year’s draft class. One scout even went on record saying this about Lamb,

“You throw the ball up, he’s coming down with it…He’s a great kid on top of it. He’s a no-brainer”

Now it’s the day of the draft and the odds have shifted in favor of Lamb. He currently sits as the -110 favorite. While Jeudy’s odds stand at +140 and Ruggs still at +400. We believe Lamb is a lock to be the first wide out taken tonight.

CeeDee Lamb to Be 1st Wide Receiver Drafted at -110 odds

*$110 Bet Wins $100

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